Drift Bottle

I just recently downloaded the app Drift Bottle to my Apple device two days ago. I have been using it non stop ever since:) I was looking for a social media app that didn’t require any knowledge of other people who we in possession of this app. That is the whole purpose for this one. Basically, you write a short note with anything you’d like and throw it (my favorite part, it splashes) it then ‘washes up’ on the shore of another country. Someone else from anywhere around the world could receive your message, and then responds. I have met five people using this app. I’ve talked with them and found out a little bit about them, my new pen pals. The coolest part is finding out where they’re from. The first person I met was from Australia! I highly recommend this app to anyone looking for more people to talk to!

The Notebook

My second favorite movie of all time is The Notebook. Following the classic love story stereotype, an uptown girl comes to town for the summer and falls in love with small town boy. The girls mother disapproves and the family returns home. Noah, the boy, sends Ally one letter a day for a year, but the letters are stolen and kept away by her mother. Ally ends up engaged to another uptown rich boy, but when she returns to town, so do feelings for her true soulmate. They get married and Ally writes a book reviewing their story. When she loses her memory they both move in to a hospital where he reads her the book every night so she remembers. I love this story because it shows how people don’t always end up with their soulmate, but its possible. Things like this come down to personal choice, no one can really stop you, and true love lasts a lifetime.